Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What is the Difference Between a TiVo and DVD Recorder?

We all loathe to miss our favourite television programs and movies; and DVD recorders and essentially both
TiVo help us rectify this problem. However, they are both very different pieces of hardware and honestly their functionality is a little confusing.

A DVD recorder, in its strictest sense, records data and instantly transfers the info to a piece of removable media like a DVD-R. TiVo is a service and digital video recorder (DVR) that has a hard drive and stores all of the recorded information directly within the TiVo box.

DVD Recorders Defined
DVD recorders are quite similar to their VHS predecessors. You can transfer your home videos to the DVD recorder and also hook up your own video camcorder and many DVD recorders allow you to really view one program while recording another. All of the info is transferred directly to a hard disc media like a DVD-R. No information is saved on a hard drive for later viewing.